Luna Raine

Luna Raine, 29, formally Kim Grier, originally hailing from New Jersey and now residing in Denver, Colorado, cannot remember a time in her life where art did not make a difference in one way or another. In the beginning, there was traditional art including graphite drawings and paintings. Later those passions migrated to the use of photography, photomanipulation and digital painting where her interest now falls.


In a merging of experiences with mental and emotional health, paganism, therianthropy and social issues the works that come forth in her work capture a multitude of levels. 


These layers of ideas weave together to form symbolic and unique imagery that give a glimpse of perspective that is not always seen.


Her work can be found in person at the RiNo store in Denver as well as for purchase online at society6. Check the links page to see other corners of the web her art dwells within. 


If you are interested in commissioning Luna you are welcome to fill out and submit a contact form as well as email her directly at


Delve into the sanctuary of wolves and let these visions take you to otherworldly places.