Update 4.17.2019

After months and months without an income, I'm excited to announce my new job. I will be doing Admin work for a local company that also supports the village I live in and are very conducive to health and well being.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few weeks of work and have no reason to believe I will have any major road bumps any time soon. This job so far has been laid back and great for my mental and emotional and physical health. I am able to take care of my medical needs while working and the environment is great.

While I may need a boost once in a while, I am confident that I will soon be totally independent and making my way in the world. 

I will be keeping the Lunar Pulse page up and running for a while longer to display more of my outreach. 

Stay tuned for awesomeness.


Lunar Pulse:

My fight to survive, and why I need your help

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The time has come for me to be truly humble. 


Being on a temporary medical leave that may become permanent with no income or much family to speak of, I need support from the community in order to survive. This page and the links attached are my lifeline. 


I desperately need help meeting basic resource needs like food and health care. 


I will be adding to this page soon my "LoneWolves Die" project where I'll tell more about my healing mission to learn the skills needed to overcome trauma and become part of a real community and then present them in understandable ways to help others dealing with similar debilitating symptoms that make it hard to connect. 


For more information, please check out my Facebook page where I have notes with lists of things I really need as well as ways to connect and help. There I hae written more of my story and my goals as well as art and writing and just who I am.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,




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