Tattoo Design

Custom tattoo designs from start to finish


Small : ~3in x 3in or smaller $20-$30 

Medium : ~4in x 4n up to ~8in x 8in , $40-$80

Large: 9inx9in to 20in x 20in , $80-$120

Plus: 21in x 21in or larger, $130+

What makes a design cost more or less:


The level of detail needed can vary wildly. A symbol in bold will take less work than a wing of detailed feathers. In order to assure room for the best work to happen, that price can vary. The price will always be discussed before a project begins.


Just as a larger canvas piece would cost more, so does a tattoo. It is helpful to have a general idea of what size you want the completed work.


Color balance is different than black and white. I am very careful to make sure colors will complement, not clash with a customer's skin tone. This takes more thought and more work for the best possible outcome.


Any tattoo artist can draw. Why should I commission an independent artist to design it?

True, any tattoo artist can draw. However, the amount of time and consideration going into the design can make a huge difference in how your finished ink will turn out. Think about the number of hours offered for them to design it, compared to an independent artist.

What is a 'stencil' and why does it matter?

Stencils are the first step to applying ink. They give the tattoo artist a framework to make sure you are getting an accurate design. What makes a paired stencil make a difference is you're no longer worrying about the artist's skills at tracing a still image. This is an extra layer of security for the integrity of your design and comes included in every tattoo design commission.

What if I don't like the design?

Making the right choices about what you put on your skin is my primary goal. Each design has a quarterly approval. This gives you chances to change the direction of the design up to 3 times before it is finalized.

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